Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★½

I used to think The Last Jedi was a tragedy. But now I realize, it's a fucking comedy.

For real though, I only smiled at, what, four jokes? The humor is bad. Scenes like the 'yo mama' joke with Hux, or Luke's routine are in the film instead of Luke mourning over Han's death, and that is fucking stupid.

But when I say I actually laughed, I did.
I laughed when the Resistance March played heroically over the slow-ass bombers.
I laughed whenever Hux tried to be intimidating and failed miserably.
I laughed at the fact that one of the main plotlines is that they ran out of fuel.
I laughed at Leia Poppins.
I laughed at Finn saying that the big laser cannon at the end was a mini-Death Star. Props to Empire and Phantom Menace, for not having a Death Star-esque thingy or anything Death Star related in the main plot on them!

Also, talking about Episode I, I'm giving it the same rating as this one so yeah, fuck everybody I like Darth Maul and he deserves an extra half-star.

Fan-service in on point.

Poe is really likable, but only because Holdo is really annoying!

I won't talk about the whole Finn/Rose plotline, because I skipped it this time! Although, Rose is really likable too, until they arrive at Canto Bight.

Luke throwing his father's legacy off a cliff is close to one of the worst parts of the film.
But the rest of the stuff about him just gets better. His arc is brilliant in this film and I'm finally over my 'fanboy-ism'.

Kylo and Rey are just perfect. If only the whole film was like that...

Mixed feeling about the Throne Room scene though. The cinematography and character development are perfect, but the rest is pretty much garbage.

The best looking Star Wars, it has some great stuff and some terrible stuff on it. Well, like I said in my previous review, I don't even know why I'm talking about this, it doesn't even matter. But who knows. Maybe one day this or TFA will grow on me more.

The best thing about it? Shirtless Kylo.
He hot.

The worst thing about it? Ackbar's death.
The best character in the whole fucking franchise. Fuck you Ruin Johnson!@!@@!!!!!!@!

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