Suspiria ★★★★

I don't even know how I can express my thoughts on Suspiria (2018). At least this isn't a shot-for-shot remake, and it almost isn't a remake at all. This and the original are very different films in pretty much every aspect.

Ok, to begin I'll say that the acting is great. The cinematography and production are both stunning. Pacing is pretty good. And the score/soundtrack is outstanding, definitely the highlight of the film to me as it sets the atmosphere perfectly. I like how this focuses more on the story than the "mystery", unlike the original. It gives it a more original feel. And that's about it that I can put into words.
This film is divided into six "acts" and one epilogue, so I'll talk and rate them individually to actually give this film a rating (I'll try to keep it spoiler-free, so don't worry if you haven't seen it)

Act One - My favorite part of the film. It starts off really well and hooks you from the beginning. And, as I said, the soundtrack establishes the tone of the movie in the best way possible. If you haven't seen the original Suspiria from 1977, you kinda know what type of film you're about to watch. And if you have, then you know you're not gonna experience the same thing. You know you're about to get in for a ride.

Act Two - Things are getting weird. As the plot progresses, the film gets even more engaging. That's also where it starts to get disturbing, only to get worse by the end.

Act Three - The story continues. This act is pretty much just a bridge to connect two and four. Not so much happens here.

Act Four - Now we learn more about some characters, while the story is approaching a pivotal point.

Act Five - The dance scene is great, it hypes up Act 6 pretty well, and.... that's about it!

Act Six - Honestly? That ending was not my thing.... I won't get into much details but it is just too visceral. It is a very symbolic, raw and artistic sequence, but it's not my thing at all. There's also a blood effect that sucks SO hard. I guess all the budget went to the production and there was no money left for the VFX lol

Epilogue - The part the made less sense within the plot, but made the most sense within the story. It just explains what the themes of the film were and tries to create a bond for two characters, but it just didn't felt natural for me. I do think it gets better the more you think about it.

I appreciate this film for what it is trying to do, and it does it pretty well, until the ending. Definitely isn't for everyone, if you feel like watching, then maybe you will like it.

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