Followbruary Film #8 - Robert Beksinski's favourite

I don’t think I can really rate this one after just one viewing. It’s a film that seemingly presents all the information you need to draw a conclusion but at the same time making sure there are enough contradictions and subtleties that any conclusion (on a first viewing at least) is unsatisfactory.

Are Alva and Elizabet two different people or two aspects of the same mind? Do they both really exist or does one invent the other as a coping mechanism and if so, do they switch positions? There is a heavy emphasis on duality in the film and it spread to my opinion too. I somehow found it both absorbing and dull, superb storytelling and inaccessible, satisfying while at the same time baffling. It’s no surprise Amazon lists over 10 books written just about this film as I think you can take out of it as much as you want.

It rarely happens, especially with arty films, but I’d actually be interested in tracking down a dubbed version as I suspect I missed out on a fair bit of context from the acting having my eyes glued to the bottom of the screen for the whole thing. I intend to give it another viewing sometime in the next week or so but I won’t be surprised if I’m left feeling equally as uncertain of my feelings towards it.

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