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  • All That Jazz

    All That Jazz


    Bob Fosse's masterpiece is a towering achievement. This searing self-portrait is a work of art unlike any other. Roy Scheider's performance as Joe Gideon, a thinly veiled Fosse avatar, is the best of his career (ranking up there with Sorcerer). I also believe that this is the best edited film of all time.

    Some filmmakers can't help but use their art to try to understand themselves, and we try to find ways to see ourselves in our work... but I…

  • Possession



    One of my all-time favorites. There's really no other movie like it. Zulawski's visceral, unclassifiable exploration of love and divorce plays like an actual fever dream and Isabelle Adjani is nothing short of stunning in the role. This is fearless, fascinating cinema

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  • Fury



    Hits HARD. Engrossing war movie is bleak, brutal, and uncompromising. Oil, mud, blood, and despair give way to bursts of adrenaline and pure survival instinct. I found it gripping and effective, while being an utterly claustrophobic experience. You’re trapped in a cold metal tomb, and there is no light…

  • Influencer


    A very pleasant surprise. Clever, taut thriller with some great performances, particularly Cassandra Naud and Emily Tennant. Kurtis David Harder's direction is lean, tight, and more than a little bit wicked. Enjoyed it quite a bit.

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  • Before Sunrise

    Before Sunrise


    Ethan Hawke has said that BEFORE SUNRISE is about "what might be," BEFORE SUNSET is about "what should be", and BEFORE MIDNIGHT is about "what is."

    Together, Linklater's BEFORE trilogy is, in my opinion, the best love story ever put to film. With almost a decade passing between each installment, the films mature with the characters and paint a portrait of love that is searingly intimate and realistic.

    BEFORE SUNRISE is youthful, idealistic, and maybe a little naive in its…

  • Watcher


    Chloe Okuno's WATCHER might be the closest a modern film has come to earning the word "Hitchcockian." Maika Monroe and Burn Gorman are perfectly cast and deliver stellar performances, while Okuno's direction infuses the viewer with acute paranoia throughout the running time. A quiet conversation on the subway makes for one of the most suspenseful scenes in recent memory, and the final ten minutes of the film are jaw-dropping. It announces Okuno (who helmed the unforgettable "Storm Drain" segment of VHS 94 before this) as a major talent to watch. Highly recommended for fans of razor sharp thrillers, which just aren't made like this anymore