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  • Swimmer



    The water is wide, the ship is slow
    Of all the watery bodies, I've only known my own
    It's feet are wet, so the rest is cold
    The night fires burn low on my shaded glow
    On a frozen sea, on a mountain road,
    I picture you, love, in a graceful glow
    You are distant, love, but there I go

  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

    Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix


    “the secret of the scar”, perhaps the entry that is the most concerned with family, trauma and revenge. really drives home the stains of the past that loom over each and every student, their parents having been murdered, tortured, misunderstood, led astray or conductors of violence. at this point, students are losing friends and teachers to an oncoming plague and what else are they supposed to do? order of the phoenix sees futility in the school’s promises to protect harry…

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  • Less than Zero

    Less than Zero


    i love my eccentric fucked up alcoholic drug addicted prostitute eye liner wearing cute boyfriend called julian from the movie less than zero in 1987

    ''do i look like im ready for homework?!''

    a *good* movie bolstered by robert downey junior and a typically menacing james spader but everything else is an artificial and irritatingly distant vision

  • Spree



    one of the hardest things to do is to capture the internet realistically on film, just the mere utilisation of a screen capture seen in a movie is probably enough to make most people groan; alot of film makers just don't "get" internet culture. but its a good job that Spree is both an enlightening peer into online obsession and just absurd enough to excuse it from becoming too self absorbed. luckily for us, this isn't another "boomers try memeing"