A History of Violence ★★★★

Very captivating film.

Cronenberg does some excellent work here-great opening shot-I really liked that he toned down the amount of violence that was originally intended-it made the violence that did occur not only shocking but more powerful. His filming of the 'love' scenes was fabulous.

Mortensen was so believable...and I love his response to how he came up with his name-great line. When first questioned by Sam- Mortensen convinced me with every answer-another reason why the reveal that comes later is powerful to me.

Bello is great in this-it's funny because whenever she is in a film I first think I'm not going to like her in it-she has constantly impressed me throughout the years.

Harris was great-very effective.

William Hurt-do I think he deserved the nomination for Best Supporting Actor while being in the film for one scene that's under 10 minutes long? Well I'm sure if I watched every single film released that year I'd come up with one to replace him but considering the other 4 actors nominated in that category had every reason to walk away with the award I don't mind throwing him in as the 5th nominee. Sometimes I like when the Oscars nominate something cool even though it has no chance of winning. This was one of those times.

Overall it's filled with good performances-great directing-it's not perfect and certainly doesn't teach us anything other than the great line from Magnolia 'We may be through with the past...but the past ain't through with us'.

I do think the final scene at the dinner table was great-the kids are the first to forgive and accept-the wife/mother-that will take some time.