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An amazing thriller.

Spielberg's work here is legendary. I can't think of a single frame that I didn't like or wasn't hooked to. The tension & suspense that he created with this film will never be lost. Every viewing since I was a little kid to seeing it in theaters back in 06 to watching it just now is the same. I'm in love with the look of it-the terror of it-the shock of it-the brilliance of it. Not nominated??? A true Oscar blunder.

The performances in this film are what makes this film perfect. Everything about the film is great and believable...the acting falls right in line with the rest of it. If these performances weren't as genuine as they were then the film would lose all it's essence.

Scheider is great-really brings the horror to the foreground with his reactions and panic.

Dreyfuss gives us the intensity with his determination.

Shaw gives us the reality of it all. His monologue about the Indianapolis is just as legendary as the film is-he reveals to us the human understanding to everything Dreyfuss' character is trying to teach us. The nature of this creature is unlike anything out there and you can feel it whenever you see Shaw's eyes looking out into the water. Yes he hunts them, kills them...but he's just as afraid of them as anyone could be. Another Oscar criminal action for him not to be nominated for this performance.

The score! Those notes will live on forever in the film world.

A outstanding piece of movie making.

I thank GOD this was made because it created that Summer Blockbuster feel. Every year there always seems to be that ONE film that generates that unexpected excitement where you run to tell everyone how they HAVE to see this movie. And since 75 there have only been two films to generate more ticket sales during the summer-Star Wars & ET. Hollywood has been chasing Jaws for decades and I've enjoyed every attempt to catch it.

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