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  • Stalker
  • Before Sunrise
  • Dancer in the Dark
  • The Ascent

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  • Le Samouraï


  • Multiple Maniacs


  • Saw X


  • Saw 3D

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  • Strays


    I wonder if the Lumière brothers would have had second thoughts about inventing the Cinématographe had they known this is where film exhibition would lead to.

  • Oppenheimer



    This gigantic biopic may be dense, but it’s fascinating on every level and feels inventive with each turn. 

    A forceful, masterfully handled, film. The powerful imagery, especially in 70mm, is engaging and totally engrossing. The explosive score also does wonders. Sound in the film has a heavy, constant presence, helping to emphasize the heaviness of silence. 

    The editing is especially exceptional, best of the year for sure. The story is told in its edit. Impressionistic and quite mesmerizing.

    The longer…

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  • Le Samouraï

    Le Samouraï


    Jef Costello is so cool (and hot) and I’m kind of in love with this lonely methodical man.

  • Multiple Maniacs

    Multiple Maniacs


    Lmfaoooo the fucking lobster sold me on this.

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  • Akira


    I really just didn’t know what was going on 90% of the time.

  • Lake Mungo

    Lake Mungo

    The Filmmakers: “Look at this picture of a ghost. Isn’t it scary?  Keep staring at it while we zoom in on it.  It’s scary right?  Just keep looking, we have to extend the runtime somehow...”