Burning ★★★★½

Burning has so many layers to it that it is impossible to dissect on a single viewing. 
The film is brilliantly told nonetheless, despite maybe being a little too long.

It’s definitely a slow-burn drama/mystery. The film is like a match lit from its bottom, the flames rising in slow motion until they meet the top and the head of the match explodes in a sudden burst of light and fire. Everything comes together extremely well by the film’s sudden and searing climax, though some people might not feel that the abrupt and inconclusive ending is earned throughout its 2.5 hour runtime. I think it’s ending is completely justified throughout, piece by piece the film gives you everything you need to know.  This is something I’ll definitely be revisiting in the future.

The final shot of the film, the retreating flames behind the icy cold glass of his truck, was perfect.  

Plus, Boil the cat was so precious. ❤️

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Current Position: #9/147

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