Toy Story 4 ★★★★

“Trash. Trash. Trash?”    TRASH, this film certainly is not.

Why do a bunch of toys gotta go and make me feel sad :(

So yeah I liked this a lot, as expected. I think my biggest issue with it is the coincidences written into the story. I mean, coincidence is expected in a kids movie (especially when used to conveniently get the heroes out of a situation), but this just had an abundance of coincidental moments that sort of just came off as lazy writing. The rest of the writing, however, didn’t feel lazy. Toy Story 4 is funny, heartfelt, and just a lot of fun.

However, I was a little tired and annoyed at having to listen to Bonnie complain every 10 seconds about not being able to find Forky.  Idk how her parents were so patient, because I surely would not have been. I wouldn’t have delayed a road trip to go look for a plastic fork.

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