Midsommar ★★★★½

Equally as wrenching as Hereditary to me — and ultimately better, in my mind, due to the addition of some — err, a lot, actually — humor. Much of what made Hereditary unsettling is also here, but the film still manages to feel mysterious, even when audiences probably have a better idea of what they are getting into this time.  It’s actually quite a feat to consider what Aster accomplishes here — as portions of the film are disturbing when he wants them to be, and hilarious when he wants them to be. On cue.  It has an exhausting effect on the characters, and the audience, both — in a good way.
And the acting is this film is excellent. The English actors make better Americans than at least a third of the people I know. Pugh is the obvious standout. She’s brilliant. Bits of her performance could be shown to film acting classes as a lesson in emotional conveyance using facial expressions alone.
Concluding thoughts:
- Some of the practical effects in this movie look very, very real.
- Some of the trippier effects in this movie really freaked me out.
- I’m going to be hearing nyckelharpas in my nightmares now.

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