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  • Passengers



    i had this recommended to me for soooooo long but i feel like sci-fi movies can be so overdone and predictable that i never really got around to it.

    the premise is reasonably good and the visuals are stunning but the story itself got a little meh once it turned its focus into being more of a generic romance film as opposed to the science fiction thriller i expected.

    overall not a particularly bad movie but i do think it was somewhat wasted potential and at times had me struggling to pay attention.

  • Thelma & Louise

    Thelma & Louise


    1) the POWER of this duo

    2) the POWER of that ending 

    3) the POWER of young brad pitt 


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  • Seaspiracy



    the editing and production itself was executed a little badly but an educational documentary nonetheless. SAVE THE FUCKIN OCEAN.

    ps: the missed opportunity of titling this documentary as CONSPIRASEA is heartbreaking.

  • Thunder Force

    Thunder Force

    this movie just isn’t ....... good at all

     melissa mccarthy and octavia spencer have good chemistry so one star for that