Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★★★★

This one works for me. Works for me!

Michael causing mass concern Hysteria, frustration within a tired and weary town. Works for me!!

Great cast, story, the whole approach of Tommy Doyle and the rally of the town.. pretty cool feels at a couple different moments.

I like how they went for it with the kills and body count. It had an impact for me that expanded on the past one nicely.

So many cool faces poppin up throughout, all in all this just FELT right for me as a HALLOWEEN, HALLOWEEN ...2018
.. HALLOWREN Follow up.. and its #HALLOWEENSPOOKYTIME2021 so
This was a match made in halloween. (Also! I did not watch the trailers for this one. Tried to go in as blind as I could)

5 bags of popcorn and the shape doin' what the shape does best. KILLS.

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