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  • Broken Blossoms

    Broken Blossoms


    Supplication and rapture, fright and fury — everything is told through the hands. Could the father be anything other than a boxer, could the girl do anything in her ephemeral idyll above the shop but bring the doll’s hand to her face? A cinema of gestures large and small, any spoken dialogue would be superfluous.

  • The Great Lover

    The Great Lover


    The start of this is mostly intolerable, as Bob Hope leads a scout troupe on an ocean liner. One kid whips out a bugle every two minutes, and I'll be happy to never hear a bugle again. But it turns into a passable comedy once the card sharp on the boat makes Hope the patsy in a rigged poker game, and con artistry and mayhem ensue.

    They did seem to be making up the poker as they went along. One…

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  • Her



    Here is my Her challenge. Take the 230-word dialogue excerpt below from Her, which is fairly representative of the film's dialogue in general, and count the number of concrete nouns. If you get a total greater than zero, redo this step because you did it wrong. Then do the same count with the 90-word love poem which follows, which I found at the first link that popped up when I googled "bad teenage poetry". Again you should get a total…

  • Frogs



    Fun FROGS fact: just as you have a school of fish, a colony of ants, a gaggle of geese or a plague of locusts, the correct term for a collection of frogs is an army. So perhaps frogs can form an organized attack force after all, though you'd never guess it from this movie.

    About a third of the footage in this film is National Geographic style closeups of iguanas, bullfrogs and vipers trying to look as threatening as possible.…