Lightyear ★★½

Up until Buzz meshed with the group of generic ragtags, I was settled in, intrigued as he fast forwarded through time Interstellar-style. Arriving back years later and having to deal with a radically different political scape within their new settlement was impactful (Zurg’s in town).

I noticed explicit homages to Dune and Star Wars; plus, it felt a little GOTG-esque in a general sense, but what doesn’t these days?

First computer animated movie I’ve seen in theatres since Onward.

Buzz rating:

I liked the scene where he explores his living quarters and cooks one of his prepped meals just by toying with the container. His mini non human emotional companion was an obvious, but nice touch.

The twist was surprising but a choice that didn’t do the movie much good.

If my girlfriend had seen this, she would say she wants a Sox. 🐱

I also saw this at 9 a.m. and was very sleepy.

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