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  • She Dies Tomorrow

    She Dies Tomorrow


    "is this how it ends?"

    i suffer from pretty severe anxiety and ocd, and a lot of that manifests in the form of paranoia and intrusive thoughts. almost every night when i'm lying in bed, i am overcome by the fear that i am going to die in my sleep. i'll lay there, completely frozen and paranoid. i rest with one hand on my heart checking for a heartbeat and one hand on my neck checking for a pulse, trying…

  • Fallen Angels

    Fallen Angels


    love is fleeting. it can be experienced in the smallest of moments; the length of a song, one night together, a videotape. we're all just passengers floating through each other's lives. some of us make a bigger impact than others, but in that moment the emotion is raw and real and unfiltered. we're messy, chaotic creatures; we're explosively poetic. nothing captures that quite like fallen angels.

    i think after a third viewing i've finally been able to wrap my thoughts…

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  • Le Cercle Rouge

    Le Cercle Rouge


    i know it's been said a thousand times before, but jean-pierre melville's crime films were truly the epitome of cool. i think it's impossible for me to walk out one of his films and not have the strong urge to buy a trench coat and delve into a life of crime. but, one thing i don't think melville receives enough credit for is being the master of restraint. le cercle rouge is a film of few words, relying purely on…

  • Day for Night

    Day for Night


    my heart is bursting with love for truffaut. this film fills me with so much joy and reminds me of why i love movies. there is nothing more i want than to be a filmmaker and work on a film set. truffaut perfectly captures the chaos that comes with it - being on set is just a clash of creativity, ego, innovation, unexpected changes, and aggrevating challenges. it's messy, but it's beautiful, and this film captures all of that in…

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  • Spider-Man: Far from Home

    Spider-Man: Far from Home


    i know mysterio isn't real but i WILL find a way to suck his dick

  • Do the Right Thing

    Do the Right Thing


    i did not rewatch this - but i want to link some resources here so we all can do the right thing. george floyd was an innocent black man murdered by a racist cop. we want justice for george floyd, and here's how you can help:

    - text 'FLOYD' to 55156
    - sign these petitions: 1 2 3 4
    - if you are not in the us, you can use the new york zipcode to sign the petition: 10001