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  • Waiting for Guffman

    Waiting for Guffman


    An amazing detail I never noticed before: Before the "Nothing Ever Happens On Mars" number, Catherine O'Hara and Fred Willard's married couple are backstage, her painstakingly fixing his hair for him as he fusses over the details, after which he tells her "now you can fix yours", graciously allowing her the few seconds left before they're due on stage to take care of her own appearance.

    Next scene, they're on stage and he's wearing a hat.

  • Reindeer Games

    Reindeer Games


    Top 5 Reasons To Watch Reindeer Games:

    5. One of the dumbest, most convoluted 'twist' endings imaginable.

    4. Isaac Hayes' most inexplicable film role. It's baffling.

    3. Charlize Theron

    2. "I want some fuckin hAAt chAAklAAt... and some pecan fuckin pie."

    1. Dennis Farina's inexplicable false teeth.

    A truly breathtaking mess of a motion picture.