The Fly

The Fly ★★★★★

What the...

Words can not express the joy I felt running through my body while watching The Fly. I was in awe. It's like the stars just aligned, my favorite football team won the Champions League, I won the lottery and all my worries are gone. Every tiny detail works wonderfully, giving me the time of my life for 95 minutes.

Seth Brundle is a brilliant scientist who has invented teleportation of inanimate objects. As he tries (and succeeds) to make teleportation of living organisms possible he meets journalist Veronica Quaife and everything seems perfect. However things start to spiral downwards as one attempted teleportation goes wrong.

The special effects by Chris Walas are jaw-dropping (pun definitely intended), receiving a well deserved academy award and top billing at the end credits. David Cronenberg has reached his peak as a director and storyteller, the level of mindfuckery achieved here granting him legendary status. Frequent collaborator cinematographer Mark Irwin gives life to the sets and picture for the last time under Cronenberg's direction. The score by Howard Shore is very operatic and sweeping, hitting the quieter scenes with the same power and finesse as those that require a more emotionally-charged response from the viewer. Jeff Goldblum is incredible in this movie. He has such an energy that keeping up with him is almost exhausting. He seems possessed by The God of Sugar. His zealous performance and snappy dialogue has brought numerous laughs out of me.

Now that I'm done jerking off, there's one thing that I want to mention. It's a nitpick and it doesn't bother me in the least but it amuses me nevertheless. The character of Veronica in relation with her editor and former lover, Stathis Borans (that's a name?). Think of the relationship between Holly and Harry Ellis in Die Hard. It's the exact same thing here. Why is Veronica allowing Stathis (it's Greek, right?) to continually hit on her? At one point she goes to him for help and he says, I quote: "Do I have permission to claim your body after all of this is over?". That's a funny line and I love it but she still puts up with him after that. I guess the fact that he's her boss and that he actually is helpful in the end makes up for it.

Also, where did Seth get those baboons? Now that's an oddity!

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