The Prestige ★★★★★

Human nature is as destructive as it is constructive. We have the power and knowledge to build impressive constructions, invent machinery and technology that greatly alleviate our lives and can prove extremely beneficent for future generations. We are capable of love, we form families, have children. Everything is at our disposal, thanks to our ingenuity and love we have the opportunity to live in harmony. Yet we crave for more. We feel misunderstood, betrayed, we become cocky, blinded by desire and ambition, greed nests in our brains and hatred in our hearts. We hurt everyone around us, push away our dearest, turn our backs on anyone we ever cared for, we destroy and sacrifice everything that we so compassionately created in order to pursue our obsessions. Secluded in ourselves we feed off of our obsessions that eventually consume us, we latch onto anything that allows us the possibility to continue following this self-destructive path, be it pride, fame, rivalry or revenge. Man's reach exceeds his grasp.

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