Manhunter ★★★★

Being a big fan of the Hannibal tv show, it felt very odd to watch this original film interpretation of the same story. The experience was lopsided because while the first half of the film felt overly slow and this version of Will, Jack and Hannibal were underwhelming, the second half and the portrayal of Red Dragon were absolutely gripping.

Tom Noonan is a terrifying creep filled with longing and sadness. Every scene involving him made me scream at the tv. Most memorable though is the overall aesthetic of the film. The dark neon 80s style has aged like fine wine, giving every scene a nostalgic and almost unearthly tone bordering on cheese. The beautiful compositions are enhanced by a haunting synth and guitar heavy soundtrack that brings everything together into one unified impossibly cool style.

Overall a really great, unique albeit slow experience with many bold stylistic elements for filmmakers to learn from.