Bodies Bodies Bodies

Bodies Bodies Bodies ★★½

Really wanted to love this one, but came out pretty underwhelmed.
The premise and setting are cool, and we are due for a Gen-Z Scream at some point (ironically competing with this year's Scream for that spot), but there's such a lack of urgency, style or suspense in this film, that what we get is 90 minutes of people walking around a house.
It feels like it drags to get going, and once it does it doesn't go anywhere.
The cast is definitely the film's strongest element, especially Rachel Sennott, but they can't save some of the writing here, from the shallow attempts at emotional conflict, to the shallow attempts at social (and class) commentary.
The film's reveal is unpredictable I guess, but it renders rewatches practically pointless. It could've worked so much better if we watched the story develop with that information from the start.
It couldn't even be better than this year's also dissappointing Scream. At least that one tried to be a horror movie at times.

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