Dune ★★★★★

Denis Villneuve has become my favorite working filmmaker ever since Enemy, and has been dropping nothing but bangers ever since (and before too), and Dune is no exception.
A tough task no question, especially since the source material seemed almost impossible to adapt (Lynch tried and failed).
The director's biggest feat is being able to tell this gigantic (and also incomplete) story without sacrifcing his own style. He proved he could do something similar with Blade Runner 2049, but Dune's lore appears to be much deeper than that. As someones who knew basically nothing from the novel, I found the exposition to be pretty well managed. Mostly done in an organic way and sparse enough to not be confusing. There were a couple names I didn't recollect, that were mentioned later in the film, but I generally could follow what was going on, and how this universe worked.
What surprised me the most, was how compelling and grounded this characters felt. I expected them to feel cold and boring, but they felt like people, even though the reality they find themselves in, is often so alien. Beyond the spectacle, there is a depiction of a family stuck in a never-ending cycle of political conflict, and the dialogue, directing and acting all work together to make them feel vulnerable and distressed.
The level of detail that Villeneuve displays is mesmerizing, capturing everything from planets to a small rodents' ear, from cold and tall structures to palm trees on fire and framing the story in a way where the gravity of the situation is never forgotten, but the more intimate moments can coexist as well.
It does feel overwhelming and important, ruthless and grim, but it never forgets about its characters and the emotional burden they all carry.

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