Scream VI

Scream VI ★★★

A slight improvement over its predecessor, yet still carries some bagage on a storytelling level from the last one, that prevented me from being fully into it.
Whenever Scream VI frees itself from the limitations it puts itself into, it's an actually pretty good entry, with a few decent suspensful set-pieces, one of the best opening scenes in the series, a mostly charismatic cast, and a generally fun vibe, including the third act reveal, but the whole serial killer subplot that drives these movies, and the boring lead character, end up wasting the potential it had going for it.
There's also a general lack of visual style/personality that's not surprising at this point, but still dissappointing and the meta commentary feels forced and pointless, just like the previous film.
Walking out from this basically as indifferent as with Scream 5, but with a handful solid scenes and sequences that elevate it a bit more.
These films just go to show that Craven's immense skill and Williamson's writing where the heart of the first four films, and what made them so great.

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