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  • X-Men: Apocalypse

    X-Men: Apocalypse


    This film is hands down a let-down from Days of Future Past. However, I still liked it. It had its moments and still the best ensemble assembled for the franchise. It also furthers the story more towards the highly-anticipated conclusion of the franchise. Having stated that, there were things that really were either fine or bad for me. Honestly, I didn’t like the setting and the incorporation of history in this film. Also, some characters were a bit two-dimensional in…

  • Deadpool



    Deadpool was a joy to watch. It has a great score, a witty script with incredible pop-culture references, and a charcter that was indeed likeable and really funny. It also showed its strength in the way they gave us the background story of the character. However, there were times during the fighting sequences (and some preceding scenes) which felt meh to me. Overall, I would definitely recommend. Just don’t think on this one.

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  • Ulan



    So full disclosure, I’m writing this thing a few days after watching the film. As such, my first feelings about it might be different than the one that i’m writing right now. Despite that, I can say that I was pleasantly surprised that I liked this film. It was very beautiful—shoutout to Neil Daza’s cinematography and the incredible score plus setting—and the storytelling element was just on point. I liked how they incorporated elements of Philippine mythology and tradition to…

  • The Wolverine

    The Wolverine


    I don’t know what to say about this film. I was actually hooked until around the last part. Additionally, I liked the cinematography, the setting, some commentaries about family, loyalty, and mortality, and some of the Japanese characters such as Mariko, Harasa, and Yukio. I also liked the fight/action scenes some of the longest and physical in the universe so far. However, I guess the incorporation of the “samurai” aspect especially in the last part was personally unnecessary and it really didn’t add depth to the story. Overall, I would still recommend this film.