The Tale of the Princess Kaguya

The Tale of the Princess Kaguya ★★★★★

This took my 5 separate attempts to get through. It was not by any means a terrible movie but an amazingly beautiful one that made my whole family want to continue to watch it despite our hectic life at this moment in time. We have our 1 month old that drains the life from our bodies. We have our 3 and a half year old that likes to be a handful in times when we need him to be good. We have our own incredibly early bed time schedule due to late night feedings and on going sleep difficulty with our older son. Against all of that we still wanted to come back and finish Princess Kaguya. I really thought that watching a film in 5 separate sections on 5 different days would really make my opinion of it skewed but because it was made so lovingly it kept all of us hooked. The Art style, the animation, the voice acting, the script, the culture, and one of my person favorites is the score. All of those things listed are reasons to be absolutely and truely in love with this film.

My point is that my movie watching hobby may have slowed down at this moment in my life but that's alright. With the right film and an amazing family happiness will be there.

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