Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers ★★★★

Spring Breakers is like a car crash between Jersey Shore, A Hard Days Night and Scarface. A cotton candy fever dream or hedonism and sociopathy within the impressionable youth of today.

Much was made about the film either being about female empowerment or objectification. To me, it's neither. Sure the camera lingers on arses and tits for a good amount of the runtime, and the girls obviously overcome male inducement. But it's more about a lacking sense of identity and malaise that's getting filled with stuff like the sort of crap shown on MTV nowadays and such. The girls tell themselves before they commit a crime that it's just like a videogame or movie, the music played throughout is meaningless electronic gargle that everyone lists to, and the film uses this to flow with brashness, using it's own dialogue as eerie subliminal chants in it's own intoxicating void. It's like a cultural wasteland, a collection of everything cool from the years gone by replicated and collected by soulless casualties. James Franco's Alien has collections of weapons on his bedroom wall just to have people "look at his shit". It's not there for any reason, it doesn't make him the gangster he believes he is, it's just his image. "Scarface on repeat".

Not for everyone, certainly pissed off those who were expecting the garbage it's lampooning. But I loved it, despite it's flimsy plot, it looks gorgeous, has wonderful moments, some often chilling, and the film feels like nothing else I've seen before with the way it flows so harrowingly aimlessly,

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