There Will Be Blood ★★★★½

The end of my sort-of, kind-of, half-arsed Paul Thomas Anderson marathon leading to The Master this weekend. I will eventually watch Punch Drunk Love (probably won't bother with Sydney anytime soon).

First of, this is completely different to Boogie Nights and Magnolia, those films move fluently around an entire casts of characters who have enough to make full films out off. There Will Be Blood moves like a mechanism, like a steam train or, ironically enough, oil pump. Going from moment to moment in a single characters life, as he digs deeper for oil, his psyche gets darker and more demented. And the film moves to from big event to big event, but as the film feels like it'll pick up momentum, the film begins to pull the brake at each stop, slowing to halt.

I'll be honest and the say the pacing often became hard to swim through, it's easy to see the film will strengthen on repeat viewing, but I was originally going to give it four stars for how great the film was. The cinematography was often gorgeous or juxtaposed with haunting close ups. The acting is simply top notch by Daniel Day Lewis. And the music was some of the best score work, the unnerving strings get the blood turning in your veins.

But, the last thirty minutes sold the film to me, in one of the greatest climaxes ever watched. No need for gun fights and car chases, a race to save the oil and a race to amend lost relationships. The film ends with some of the greatest "complete cunt" moments ever to grace the silver screen.

Simply put, I'll never seen anyone quite lose themselves as a complete bastard quite like Daniel Day Lewis did in this film.

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