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  • Saco Stroll

    Saco Stroll

    Available on YouTube.

    Short films are often a use of cinema to preserve a time and place; one example of this is Saco Stroll (2020), which takes place around the dwelling of Letterboxd user Brendon "Bmac" McDonald. Saco Stroll is a series of shots showcasing Saco, Maine, starting off with some unassuming shots of a house interior before moving outside to examine more places around the town. There is a light narrative element of the character of Brendon himself (credited…

  • The Psychotronic Man

    The Psychotronic Man


    Available on TubiTV; specifically the RiffTrax version, the most palatable means of watching the film.

    A pseudo-guerrilla film effort privately financed and shot entirely in Chicago, The Psychotronic Man is one of those low-budget b-movies that's simultaneously by-the-numbers predictable and bizarrely ambitious. If you've seen your fare share of schlock, you already know what happens; a random fellow gets a random power for no given reason (presumably a random one). In this case a barber who could really use haircut…

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  • Leaving Neverland

    Leaving Neverland

    Edit: After writing this article, I found this little discourse, which may be the most comprehensive chronological account of the events surrounding the matter. Also check out this examination of the testimony by psychologist/film scholar Rob Ager, before it gets copyright claimed into silence.

    In the wake of Leaving Neverland, there has been some conflict of the accuracy of this four-hour documentary on the topic of unproven allegations of pedophilia against pop superstar Michael Jackson. Almost none of this challenge…

  • The Brown Bunny

    The Brown Bunny

    Precious are the works that lend themselves to empathetic insight in a fashion so closely tied to an honest (if flawed) artist's personal frankness. The Brown Bunny is one of these films whose challenge has resulted in audiences responding with dumbstruck admiration and frustrated dismissal alike. This is a film that is so precise in its focus and unconventional in its means of realizing it that one's reception of the work will have a significant dependence on if the emotional…