Drier than the dust bowl and less subtle than this as it was, I was actually enjoying it for the most part until it turned into a Christopher Nolan movie midway through. I enjoyed it even less when it turned into Mission to Mars by the end (okay, not really, but it nevertheless again proves that ambition alone is not enough).

Overall, this is a Nolan film through and through, representing his absolute best aspects (no doubt aided by Spielberg's prior involvement), and his absolute worst aspects.

I give every movie a fair shot, and I'm glad I did, because this has a few scenes that absolutely work, and what is easily the best scene in a Nolan film - by far. It's still horrible in mostly every way, though, and while I can understand why it will alienate some viewers, most of the complains raised against it in the negative reviews it's been receiving can actually be applied to any one of his films. His work hasn't changed for the worse (it's the same as it ever was), but the reviews have. I find that interesting.

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