Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III

I decided to watch a Friday the 13th movie everyday until Halloween, today it was Part 3 and this movie sucks. When talking about Friday the 13th movies you sort of have to grade them on a different scale since practically none of them are actually good movies. So is this a good movie or is it a good Friday the 13th movie? Personally I don't like this movie. This is definitely one of the lower tier Friday the 13th movies, but it does have some good points.

I feel like this is the time Paramount realized, when making this movie, that they can just dump these into theaters and people will see them anyway. These movies barely have any sort of budget and their production is fairly rushed along so they could try and get yearly releases. This one definitely feels the least creative compared to Part 1 & 2, besides a few interesting kills. My favorite being the Harpoon at the dock.

This movie came out during the second wave of the 3D movie phase in the 80s. An alternate title for this movie is even Friday the 13th Part 3: 3D. I've never seen this movie in 3D, but I can imagine it's not very eventful. It feels like the 3D gimmick was an afterthought so they retroactively reshot some of the movie to work it in. I don't know that for a fact, that's just my personal theory. There's this scene where a character is just bouncing a yo-yo over a person's head, and that's the entire scene until it cuts. The Harpoon kill I mentioned earlier is in 3D and it just adds to how cheesy it looks, but it makes it so much better, even if you aren't watching it in 3D.

This is the first Friday the 13th movie where Jason gets the famous hockey mask. It's weird to think that this is where that imagery started from cause in the movie it looks really stupid. Jason in this looks like a stuntman with a mask on. Which I know that's actually what it is, but it's not even trying to hide that fact. In the sequels after this they get better makeup and work it in more, but in this he's just eh looking. It also doesn't help that he looks completely different than he did in Part 2, even though this is only meant to take place within 48 hours after Part 2.

I mentioned earlier how this movie was rushed, there's several editing errors in this movie where you can see the boom mic or the camera shadow. It's just small things that are really easy to notice but they somehow made it into the full movie. There's a scene within the first 10 minutes where the characters of the movie pull up in a van. You can clearly see the boom mic in the reflection of van. I know this is really nitpicky, especially when it comes to Friday the 13th movies, but I mean come on. This is stuff I noticed on my first watch, how did nobody behind the scenes pick up on that? Oh yeah I forgot it was rushed.

Overall this movie is pretty bad. It's not the worst Friday the 13th movie but it's closer to the bottom than the top. Part 4 is my favorite Friday the 13th movie and I'm pretty excited to revisit it next. But Part 3 isn't good, even with Friday the 13th standards.

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