Tove has written 4 reviews for films rated during 2021.

  • Pinocchio


    i did it! this is the last of the oscar nominees 2021! and all i can say about this movie is: ew.

  • The Midnight Sky

    The Midnight Sky

    hooooo boy!!!! finally some steaming hot trash!

    mr clooney, first of all, we all know what you looked like when you were younger and that is NOT it. 

    second of all, i don’t understand why this movie is so bad and boring??? bc the story seems alright, the budget is obviously there, the visuals are nice..... and it’s a snooze fest???? no excuse, mr clooney, no excuse. it’s pacing and directing where it fails and that’s on you mr director.

  • Hillbilly Elegy

    Hillbilly Elegy

    I dont have the strength to properly review hilbilly elegy, because id rather just forget that i ever watched the damn thing. 

    but its not /all/ bad.

  • Sex Tape

    Sex Tape

    ive said it before, the biggest crime a film can commit is being boring