Tove has written 24 reviews for films rated ★★★½ during 2019.

  • Independence Day

    Independence Day


    Star. Studded. Cast. 
    I got jump scared twice.
    Will Smith is hot.
    Dog cute, good actor.
    So many people smoking cigarrs for no reason (i didnt really get that part but it looked cool i suppose).
    Ugh, Jeff Goldlum is like the cutest and shouldve been allowed to play more leads.
    End of review.

  • Inception



    is it good or is it just confusing us into thinking its good? i refuse to believe that christopher nolan is a genius whatever some film buff boys might say... this is just james bond/male fantasy made all over again; overly complicated plot for no reason other than cool i guess, no ”science” explained, some crazy but - get this - hot lady out to con you, they even had the chase on skis! cmon dude. its not that its bad its just, i challenge any straight white man to make a new movie.

  • Ruby Sparks

    Ruby Sparks


    sort of strange in a way because i don’t know if i’m actually supposed to find the writer sympathetic or not. i mean, he’s obviously not, but then he still kinda comes out on top. 
    just once i would like to see an indie film about the uninteresting quiet dude and his manic pixie dream girl which ends with him just straight up not “winning”.

  • Monsters



    started writing a really long review but bottom line is, it doesn’t quite live up to its potential and the leading lady looks like every female video game character ever made. not sure if i would recommend it or not, didn’t hate it, i just wish they had done more with it and that the acting was better.

  • The Fundamentals of Caring

    The Fundamentals of Caring


    sweet. never thought id cry to a scene in which a guy pees while standing up but here we are i got legit teary-eyed.

  • Revolutionary Road

    Revolutionary Road


    so this is what would have happened if leo hadnt died in titanic huh? kate dodged a bullet there

  • A Beautiful Mind

    A Beautiful Mind


    it’s official, i like russel crowe.
    and i like him going mad.

  • Good Will Hunting

    Good Will Hunting


    cute baby matt damon and cute baby ben affleck. robin williams and stellan skarsgård were cute too, very gay. too bad casey was there lol don’t bring your brother next time ben.

  • Tangled



    hmmm yes im deciding right now that i do quite like this still. no its not the best disney movie ever but i do feel like its underrated, if a bit too predictable...

  • On Her Majesty's Secret Service

    On Her Majesty's Secret Service


    a more sympathetic bond than connery’s i have to say! not sure if that makes him more entertaining though, sean is very laughable :)

  • The Aviator

    The Aviator


    i just love watching a character go mad and/or insane, dont you?

  • God's Own Country

    God's Own Country


    what i don’t understand is why gay sex (between men that is) is always depicted in film with such aggression. ....and they’re pushing and they’re shoving and they’re spitting and they’re thrusting and it all comes off as a little ridiculous at best and almost homophobic at worst. like they have to work out all their issues through this sexual power play of masculinity. i’m saying this specifically because they always always calm down after a bit and seem to have a much nicer time when they are working together instead of like, fighting their way to an orgasm.