Tove has written 30 reviews for films rated ★★★ during 2017.

  • All of Me

    All of Me


    You know what? This movie sucks but I love Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin and I'm not afraid to admit it.

  • An American Werewolf in London

    An American Werewolf in London


    I found the first part to be the best/scariest it was kinda down hill from there. Weird straight relationship and why were they in an adult movie cinema?? Good special effects tho for it's time and not a bad concept overall

  • Gremlins



    I have no idea what it's like to watch this film without having watched it as a child because to me it's kinda good but I'm 100% that's the nostalgia (it's also scarier than I remember??? Go figure)

  • Hellraiser



    This would be real good if the loser who comes back to fuck his brothers wife wasn't such a, well, loser and creep. I would love for some actual moral dilemma where is it right to try and save him? and I'm not sure if this movie was going for that but to me that didn't register. Dump him Julia!

  • The Conjuring

    The Conjuring


    You know what? Sometimes you should take a break from the scares and build up suspense that never gets anywhere bc that's scary also. I feel like the conjuring gets very predictable because everything that you might think would happen in a haunted house, happens. All the classics and no plot twist or nothing. Also what kinda dick church that needs to approve exorcisms and might chose not to do so if the family isn't christian enough??? Just leave them be the heathens (wow apparently I feel strongly and had a lot to say about this)

  • The Visit

    The Visit


    What constitutes a good horror movie? Is it level of spooky? In that case this for me is a GREAT one I got so scared I had nightmares for the first time in years... on the other hand it wasn't groundbreaking (and kinda offensive to people with mental illness)

  • Life



    Very predictable. Very. But i enjoyed it it wasn't bad I'd say

  • La Cage aux Folles

    La Cage aux Folles


    Even more stereotypical (and racist) than I thought it was going to be not good representation. Why is renato so mean to albin??? Other than that it's fine albeit very predictable

  • Tarzan



    I love our gay icons terk and phil collins

  • Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

    Star Trek V: The Final Frontier


    Every Star Trek movie is gayer than the last one and I'm living for it!!! It's a mess what is going on????? The plot sucks but it's so fucking entertaining!!! When Kirk and bones are balancing on spocks rocket boots and they're all spiralling down towards the enemy because they're too old and fat???? ICONIC

  • Paranormal Activity

    Paranormal Activity


    Not scary apart from the reality of straight relationships. I was rooting for the monster.

  • Saw III

    Saw III


    Please relax with that editing/cutting for the love of god im getting motion sickness and i can't see what's going on because it's so cool and edgy. The story in this is good tho better than the second one by a long shot. I don't really feel like watching any more saw movies because I'm giving up hope that any of them will be as good as the first one but if someone said let's watch the fourth one no I wouldn't say no and that's the truth of the success behind this bad franchise