Tove has written 29 reviews for films rated ★★★★½ during 2019.

  • Interstellar



    so excited to finally have watched this movie! i have some notes:

    really good and it saved itself a few times when i was like oh no it’s gonna get lame/stupid explanation coming up. but then it swerved :) the science theories held up well enough for me, tho the whole love is the only force that travels through time and space was almost a little too much for me.

    would’ve been better not to have such a star studded…

  • Helter Skelter

    Helter Skelter


    this is so...relatable. ya know? like the woman experience sure is universal. i haven’t a thing in common with the main character — except i have everything in common with her.

  • Zygote



    excellent! i want this to be a full length horror game!!

  • Midsommar



    like the acting?????? GREAT. florence.. omg

  • Howards End

    Howards End


    The POWER of the gays! The motif of the countryside meadow! The importance of having a place of ones own! They understand.

  • Dances with Wolves

    Dances with Wolves


    good lazy sunday 4 hour movie session. i support you, kevin costner, even with that hair.

  • Jurassic Park

    Jurassic Park


    who decided that jeff goldblum should be his sexiest self in every scene of jurassic park and how can i thank them?

  • The Blues Brothers

    The Blues Brothers


    um, can i get a hell yeah??!! half a star removed for that last car chase tho i’m sorry but there is such a thing as too long a car chase (love the nazis dying tho a++)

  • Reservoir Dogs

    Reservoir Dogs


    hmm... hmmm!!! you know, i know he’s only in reservoir dogs for such a short time, but whenever tarantino stars in his own movies i feel like i can almost see him being so goddamn smug the whole time. like the only thing he can think about is how his movie and his dialogue is gonna be so goddamn good. and i get really bitter about it and i wished i thought they sucked but reservoir dogs is a classic for a reason. have a toe i guess, quentin. it’s a celebration.

  • Rocketman



    1. making rocketman a musical was a stroke of genius and a personal present from dexter fletcher to me

    2. taron egerton has literally never looked better. he has a really good track record with biopics now and i’m gonna keep my eyes on him. can’t believe he actually sang himself, rami malek wishes!

    3. i need to go shopping stat.

  • Annihilation



    ah but oh this movie is so pretty... i really really like the concept with the refractions in the dna and all that. however i do wish there would have been some more clues as to an explanation of some sort, i feel like it was almost random what happened at the end, let’s just do what looks/seems cool kinda thing. or maybe it just went over my head a little... a new genesis is what came to my mind but that seems a little too obvious somehow idk. regardless of all that: beautiful film, and made me eager to read a bunch of fan theories.

  • Woyzeck



    the scene where eva is scrubbing the floor and is confronted by woyzeck is one of the best i’ve seen!!!!