Singin' in the Rain

Singin' in the Rain ★★★★½

Short as Possible Synopsis: Silent film stars try to convert their fame into the sound era. They sing and dance a lot.

Thoughts About Singin' in the rain

- I have never said the title Singin' in the rain correctly because apostrophes are for fools.

- The first time I watched Singin' in the Rain i could not get past the cheesy elements such as the overly extreme musical set piece homages and the overly expressive Cosmo. This time I was able to get past mot of that and thoroughly enjoy every second, except for

-The pointless, overlong, and out of nowhere imaginary musical about a man trying to make it on Broadway scene. It's a excuse for some big dances, Cyd Charise, and nothing else.

- Singin' is wittier than the average musical; the primary reason it is able to ride in front of the genre pack. The humor is really effective and really smart and the primary reason it is able to ride to the front of the genre pack.

- Jean Hagan steals the show, able to get laughs anytime she gets to open her mouth. She is much more fun than the over the top Donald O'Connor

Singin' in the Rain is still a little bit goof with some unnecessary bits, but that is the way musicals are. However, Singin' is able to become more than the average musical because of it's impeccable wit and charming stars.

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