Lamb ★★★★★

I really need to write more on this later, but this is easily the best A24 Horror film since Hereditary, largely because it's the only one since that movie with characters actually worth investing in.

Highly recommended if you loved J.A Bayona's The Orphanage, Valdimar Jóhannsson's masterpiece is a similarly sentimental dark fairy tale of the tragedies of motherhood with a best of the year performance from Noomi Rapace. The tension comes more from the fragile idyllic happiness that Maria, Ingvar and their adopted daughter Ada have made for themselves. It's a tranquility that is in constant danger of shattering, and for much of the movie, they escape disaster by the skin of their teeth.

For them to persevere and push through so much adversity only for the fruits of their labor to be brutally ripped away from them in that chilling climax is just heartwrenching.

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