Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Things I learned from watching Three Billboards.

- White supremacists can find spiritual and moral redemption without repentance of any kind through violence against the right people.
- Subtext is meaningless, you can just repeat the themes and ideas of your movie repeatedly in heavy handed dialogue and get audiences to think you're thematically rich or deep.
- Holding a perpetual "smelled the fart" face and "I need to speak to the manager" smug vocal delivery are totally accurate to real victims of grieving and will get you an Oscar.
- Domestic abuse is not a serious issue and can totally be handled with the tonal consistency of a sitcom.
- Poor people are vulgar, violent, racist, uppity and unpleasant.
- Fascism is actually positive if it's supporting an ideology of good.
- Peter Dinklage is never going to get a film role worthy of his insane talents.

Fucking worthless.

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