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  • Demonia



    Ok I watched this twice and I will admit that the plot is very thin. But with the graphic and the cheese in this movie is what makes Fulci one of the best gore directors out there

  • Hubie Halloween

    Hubie Halloween


    For a Adam Sandler movie this one wasn't as bad as some of his more recent ones. It was a fun Halloween movie.

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  • Razorback



    Have to say out of the two Aussie movies that I watched today this was the better one. Even though the kills were all off screen the effects of the razor back was great

  • Luther the Geek

    Luther the Geek


    Ok sweet this is my 1000th horror review. I had to do this movie not because it is great but because it was filmed in my hometown. For a Troma movie it is surprisingly dark with some good kills. I think Joe from the Horror Show said it best on his review of this movie on this app that was, "bawk bawk bawk." This was worth a watch and will always have a spot on my blu ray collection.