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  • Suspiria




    Shoutout to @bleartandssgott for the request.

    Critics talk about Dario Argento like he's the director equivalent of Weezer. Used to be good, but now he only makes trash. The truth is that Argento has always been stupid. It's just that his early films were good by accident. Aside from his visual prowess, there are certain directing skills that he lacks. If it weren't for the high budget, or Argento's masterful cinematography, then Suspiria probably would've been Manos-tier bad. And…

  • Sergeant York

    Sergeant York



    Shoutout to @classicreviews for the request.

    Even though it takes place in WWI, Sergeant York is actually propaganda for WWII. The film was released a couple of months before Pearl Harbor happened, and would only get more popular after that event. A problem with this film is that it also became propaganda for the military-industrial complex in America.

    The first half of this film is pretty good. In it, we see Alvin C. York go through an entire character…

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  • Eraserhead




    Lust, death, and fatherhood. These are the themes present in David Lynch's nightmarish puzzle of a film. The imagery in Eraserhead is uncanny, which is backed up by an equally haunting, minimalist industrial score by Alan Splet. Every second of Eraserhead is nerve-racking.

    David Lynch once said that the inspiration for this movie came from a Bible verse. Many people online have been trying to figure what Bible verse he is referencing. Some say its Deuteronomy 24:16, while others…

  • Donnie Darko

    Donnie Darko



    Shoutout to @thegoober for the recommendation.

    When people talk about one hit wonders, it is usually applied to musicians like MC Hammer or Vanilla Ice, but I believe that it can apply to directors as well. For example, Tommy Wiseau, who made The Room, and never made another film after that. Or Mary Herron and Richard Kelly, who made well-respected cult classics (American Psycho, Donnie Darko), but the rest of their filmography has nowhere near the same amount of…