Come and See

Come and See ★★★★½


Shoutout to @system_7 for the request.

Come and See is often touted as an anti-war film, but its really not. It doesn't preach cowardly pacifism, but rather, it just refuses to make a spectacle out of war. In this film, war is not an epic battle between good and evil. Instead, war is an unfortunate predicament that caught many innocent civilians in the crossfire. Elem Klimov gives us the harsh reality of life under Nazi-occupied Belarus, which lost a quarter of its population during this time.

As you can probably tell by my score, I enjoyed this film. However, there are certain moments where it does get a bit slow. Despite its notoriety for being such a brooding film, I was genuinely surprised to see some goofs and gags in the first half, like when Florya and another partisan trick a guy into rolling in horse shit.

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