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  • Waray-Waray



    - This needs the restoration treatment.

    - I remember disliking this before (probably because the only accessible copy's pretty shoddy, probably because I wasn't used to the stuffy style of Pinoy movies from the 50s, probably because of how problematic some plot points were). But ugh. Now that I'm more familiar with cinema from that era, I appreciate this film so much more now.

    - The way Nida Blanca and Nestor de Villa invented Filipino screwball comedy… I just want…

  • White Heat

    White Heat

    (2/30 of my April pre-code + noir flick binge.)

    Where Jimmy Cagney basically plays a gangster tiyanak. I don't know if it's just me and my penchant for melodrama, but I wish the film had a little bit more heart. I really didn't know how to feel about Hank/Vic; he's smart, yeah, but is there really nothing else about him? Regardless, this is a solid wisecracking Warner's crime joint through and through. Also: really gripping final sequence though I wish they played it out longer.

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  • Dancing Lady

    Dancing Lady


    that scene where clark gable massages joan crawford's knee as she groans and throws her head back in pain is Porn, i tell you. P O R N


  • A Portrait of the Artist as Filipino

    A Portrait of the Artist as Filipino


    "Ah, but this country has a poor memory, ninong."

    I'm surprised to say that I was enamoured by this film. Shot like a 40s Hollywood production, with all the melodrama, over the top dialogue, gorgeous cinematography, a grand score, and the occasional hammy performance. This film painted a picture of a time I had never known, but one so familiar. I have never felt more touched.

    I especially adored the performances of Conrad Parham as Tony and Daisy Hontiveros-Avellana as…