Nora Aunor, ranked by how much she suffers

the filipino cinematic martyr herself, ranked by how much we make her suffer in each of her movies! check notes for deets on her suffering (SPOILERS GALORE!!!)

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1.) Dalaga si Misis, Binata si Mister [below 'Kung Ako'y Iiwan Mo]
> iniwanan NANAMAN ni Christopher de Leon bc he's playing another sexist character

2.) Relaks Lang Mama, Sagot Kita [second to the last]
> baon sa utang, but at least they became millionaires in the end hahahahahha

  • Three Years Without God

    1.Three Years Without God

    - Raped by Christopher de Leon. Di man lang tinulungan ng fam. Natamaan ata ng stockholm syndrome si girl kaya pinakasalan
    - Haircut by angry mob in a church
    - Killed
    - Family also killed
    - Ostracized in her hometown because she sucked Japanese dick

  • Miracle



    - Ni-rape
    - Namatayan ng kaibigan
    - Pinatay
    - Umeffort sa speech; wala namang nakinig

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  • Minsan, May Isang Ina

    3.Minsan, May Isang Ina

    - Abused, overworked, inalipin ng madrasta
    - Raped. stepmother watches
    - Goes crazy. Like literally. Mental institution.
    - Stockholm Syndromed by madrasta

  • Bona



    - Cheated on by Philip Salvador
    - Had to put up with Philip Salvador and his toxic masculinity and his shitty house
    - Father had a heart attack, died because of her
    - Binugbog sa lamay

    But at least she killed Philip Salvador in the end

  • Tinik sa Dibdib

    5.Tinik sa Dibdib


    - Philip Salvador fucks his aunt, instead of her?!?!
    - Eddie Garcia gambles her hard-earned money. Baons her in utang.
    - Mom dies, but hates her ewan ko baket. Baons her in utang.
    - Literally Nora Aunor does nothing in this movie except suffer.

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  • Flowers of the City Jail

    6.Flowers of the City Jail


    - Ricky Davao never tells her she was a querida
    - Goes to prison, pregnant
    - Binugbog upon entering the jail
    - Friends (Gina Alajar, katong high school girl) die
    - Gives birth in Manila Zoo

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  • Bilangin ang Bituin sa Langit

    7.Bilangin ang Bituin sa Langit


    - Ninakawan ng lupa at first bc Gloria Romero
    - Ang convoluted ng plot nito andaming ganap. Namatayan ng hubby (na hindi naman nya minahal), nagtampuhan w/ Pip for 389282 years kaya ayun bitter si ate 
    - Daughter (also played by her???) commits incest and suicide?!??!

    At least nagkatuluyan sila ni Pip i guess.................. wtf......

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  • Whore of a Mother

    8.Whore of a Mother

    - Her husband cheats on her with her mother...
    - Infertile, so she's miserable about that all the time.
    - Mother dies.

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  • Once a Moth

    9.Once a Moth

    - Brother is mistaken for a boar and killed by an American soldier
    - Sinamantalahan ng mga Kano yung pamilya nya + pamilya ng boyfriend niya <//3

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  • Kastilyong Buhangin

    10.Kastilyong Buhangin

    - Abused as a child
    - Lito Lapid cheats on her!!! THEN DIES!!!

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  • Naglalayag


    - Namatayan ng lover boy
    - Miscarriage
    - Lonely
    - Ostracized by everyone bc Yul Servo's like 23, but then not rlly na by the end bc Boy Abunda

  • Beloved


    - Iniwanan ni Christopher de Leon kasi social climber si kuya
    - Namatay anak niya <//3

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  • I Can't Stop Loving You

    13.I Can't Stop Loving You

    - Pip leaves her, I guess
    - Pip also dies
    - Gets rich, so family leeches off her money

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  • You Are Mine

    14.You Are Mine


    - Does everything for Christopher de Leon who cheats on her w/ Vilma Santos

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  • T-Bird at Ako

    15.T-Bird at Ako

    - Straights robbed her of Vilma's pussy
    - Honestly, if Nora Aunor, ranked by how much WE suffer yung name ng list, ito na sana yung #1. Guy and Vi >>>>>>>> Guy and Pip/Guy and Boyet/Guy and Manny de Leon/Vi and Bot/Vi and Boyet/any other straight love team

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  • Mahal Mo, Mahal Ko

    16.Mahal Mo, Mahal Ko

    - Nora Aunor's kid gets tossed around between her love interests kasi in-demand si ate haba ng hair nya

  • I Love You Mama, I Love You Papa

    17.I Love You Mama, I Love You Papa

    - Nora's kid gets tossed around AGAIN but this time between her and Christopher de Leon.
    - Iniwanan ni Christopher de Leon kasi haciendero si Boyet tas mahirap si Ate Guy

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  • Kung Ako'y Iiwan Mo

    18.Kung Ako'y Iiwan Mo

    - Iniwanan NANAMAN ni Christopher de Leon kasi diva si 'te

  • Kasal-Kasalan, Bahay-Bahayan

    19.Kasal-Kasalan, Bahay-Bahayan


    - accidentally married rudy fernandez???? idk,, even when that was happening her real bf mr boyet de leon was dicking her down anyway