Midsommar ★★★

i would love to be impressed by the juxtaposition between the beautiful bright imagery and the deep resounding horror, but it fails at the horror. obviously we're aware that the main character is dealing with a personal tragedy (and likely some PTSD) and a shitty boyfriend, but the latent horror in the background just doesn't do it for me. where it really fails for me is that throughout the whole movie, dani is worried about being a bitchy, overreacting girlfriend - i mean, goddamn, how many times does she apologize for things that are clearly not her fault? but at the end she does the ultimate overreaction and are we supposed to be glad that she "finally stood up to him" or are we supposed to laugh at her, because she has finally become what she is afraid of being? i've seen many people credit this film with providing them personal catharsis or clarity, and that's super awesome, but it just didn't do it for me. some nice cinematography, some incredible acting from florence pugh (who can really pull off a good panic attack), and some entertaining side characters, but i'm just not sure how to feel.

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