Burning ★★★★½

I don't rewatch movies often but I bought the blu-ray for a friend. Damn, this was just as good as the first time if not better! Being familiar with the plot and how it unfolds I had more time to notice the small details that bring together this film. The body language of every character really stood out to me this time around. Lee Jong-su has a very passive and closed off posture with uncertainty and timidity oozing from each facial expression while Ben is straight spined and confident with every smirk and stare.

I am no expert on technical prowess but I specifically noticed the framing and editing of each scene to be consistently purposeful. It was always pushing the narrative forward, whether it be to showcase the disconnect between different social classes and/or characters, there was always a purpose. The same thing with the dialogue, it was simple, conversations that you would hear in everyday life. Yet, it was always purposeful and consistently pushing the director's ideas to fruition.

On my first log, I made a point about Burning's biggest strength being its ability to force the viewer to make assumptions. And, that still stands true as my reasoning for considering this to be a genius piece of art! Muah! This film makes me chef kiss my hand every time I think about it!

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