Coco ★★★★


So, I had a free movie ticket, and since I didn't want to deal with annoying parents who let their children loose during movies I decided to use it on the earliest screening possible on a Monday morning. Living in Mexico I had to settle for the Mexican Spanish dub.

The result? Bawling my eyes out at a couple of scenes in the movie. It threw quite a few curveballs at me - it ended up being a bit darker than I expected at some points.

The movie looks great and sounds great... for the most part. The voice acting felt a little bit off; scanning through the credits I saw a lot of famous Mexican actors and celebrities - but not voice actors - pad out the cast. The translated script was okay. It wasn't filled with the typical "Chilango" slang though there were some local (and quite ridiculous) accents in use.

No, the big problem I had with the Mexican Spanish version were the songs. For some reason, the songs performed by Ernesto De La Cruz sounded incredibly fake... like, way too softened? I was surprised to find out the character's songs were performed by Marco Antonio Solís... he sounds like he doesn't really care. No emotion. Maybe it's just me. Honestly, the half-assed performance here made me knock down half a star. Also Carlos Rivera sounds like Alejandro Fernández. That isn't a good thing. Yech.

Maybe I'll enjoy the movie more with its original English vocal performances. If I ever watch it I'll update my review.