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This review may contain spoilers.

I was quite surprised when I saw this movie appeared in the local cinema so early. I really don't like crowds so I decide to wait. And wait. And wait. Till the last minute when the movie is about to be taken down,hoping the theatre would empty. It wasn't. Still sold out. Till the last chair. And there I am in the middle. Uncomfortably watching this while wearing scarf in my head since the ac blasting right above my head -_-.

And damn did I just watch. The mighty Bong. I. Can't.Even.Categorize.This. To.A.Certain. Genre. Because it has all of them! But it's all glued so perfectly! Between this and Burning last year, it's interesting to see different takes on the same theme : the gap in the society. The ending is more or less the same, the main character let the "burn" got to them. With the same knife effect!

And dammit that scene is too creepy! I live in a house with lot of stairs in which I can't see the bottomm 😨. That image would haunt me the rest of my life.
Oxford forgery class? Peach mission? Perfect heist.
Throwing water bucket over a guy who is literally pissing you in slow motion? Lots of laugh.
Cheesy k-drama banter? Check the box. Ew.
Knife and rock showdown? In the edge of my seat.
15 minutes toward the end? Bawling my eyes out.

This movie did all these emotions in one sitting.

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