Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★½

I'm confused. I thought the 21 Iump Street directors were fired from the Han Solo movie for making it too much of a comedy. I know that there has always been some jokes and some fun quips thrown into this series, but this felt like a damn Mickey Mouse Club skit. I thought a storm trooper was going to trip over a droid Jack Tripper style at any given time. 

Not saying they were trying to Disneyfy it, but they couldn't of done much more if they did try. This didn't just hit you over the head with how much it wanted to please all quadrants of movie going audiences, it downright punched you in the face with it. I was ready for a weary looking Finn to turn to the screen and ask "do you like me yet!?". 

All that being said, I still liked it ok. Had some good moments. But compared to Force Awakens and Rogue One... damn guys, get off the Disney ride and just go back to making a good movie.

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