Sunset Boulevard ★★★★★

wife picked to stream this one on Netflix as she really enjoyed it when she was young and truthfully, I have never seen it, but knew some of the catch-phrase lines that have made their way to the mainstream even today

"Shut up, I'm rich! Richer than the other Hollywood trash"
"A star never ages"
"Im ready for my close up"
"we had faces"

just to name a few.

The plot of the movie does an "ending first" storyline, where the narrator is dead the entire time and is narrating the film from the 6 months prior to his death. Im not counting this as a spoiler since it is the opening scene and the movie has been out for 67 years or so.

a few plot twists here and there to keep you guessing as to who killed the narrator and why.

with my attention-span, I have to admit that 1 hr 50 is a bit of a stretch as I mostly like movies that clock around the 90-minute-mark, but I was able to finish the film in one sitting and have a good discussion with my wife about it.

I bet this would like cool on Blu-Ray or high-def streaming, but definitely check it out on Netflix or a streaming service.

5-stars and would probably watch again.