Dolemite Is My Name ★½

Netflix Originals

So I liked the cast and you could tell Murphy was having a lot of fun with his role, but I guess this isn’t my kind of movie. It took me three hours to finish it because I couldn’t stop pausing it. It was incredibly boring.

The structure is also very strange. I feel like a lot of what we saw could’ve been skipped. They really wanted to tell Rudy’s whole story but the movie thing and the record thing just feel like two different movies. The pacing is also extremely fast during the first 30 minutes, probably because they just wanted to get to the movie stuff.

The dialogue is bad, corny and lazy; constantly telling the audience what’s going through Rudy’s mind or what the theme is. The characters are forgettable and the film’s not funny at all. There’s also a bunch of scenes that shouldn’t exist but do because the film’s based on a real person’s life. Again, this is probably because the structure and even the editing are kinda bad.

Finally, now I really wanna watch Dolemite.

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