Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★★

2019 ranked

Yesterday, I didn’t care much about Taika Waititi. Today, after seeing Boy and this, I kinda love him.

He’s good in this as imaginary Hitler. It’s a risky role but he nails it, as does the rest of the cast. Scarlett Johansson’s fantastic performance is full of love and compassion, as well as some comedic brilliance. Thomasin McKenzie is great as well, very funny and charming, but the standout is obviously Roman Griffin Davis. I love it when a child actor completely gets into his/ her role and Roman did just that.

The cinematography and editing worked together flawlessly, adding to the comedy and creating some pretty great, satiric imagery that’s still stuck in my mind. It’s colorful, it’s warming and it’s fun. I love it. The use of music was perfect.

The comedy’s great. The over-the-top characters and the exaggerated use of Nazi symbols are hilarious and work fantastically in a film like this.

Finally, this didn’t remind me that much of Moonrise Kingdom. It’s just the uniforms.

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